About Us

Diamnet’s purpose is to provide bricks and mortar retailers with the tools they need to compete in today’s competitive market place.

Mission – Just one Account

In today’s ultra-competitive market place, where consumers come to your shop with extremely specific requirements, every retailer must be sure of finding exactly what their customer wants at the very best price. With just one account, DIAMNET gives bricks and mortar retailers access to a vast number of diamonds from multiple dealers and cutters around the globe.

Diamnet Advantage

Many of the diamonds on the Diamnet listing are sourced from the UK and can be called upon when needed to show a customer before purchase.


In addition to bringing together over 1.2 Million diamonds from multiple diamond dealers and cutters, Diamnet can have your diamond made up and delivered as a fully finished ring from many of the UK’s favourite mount manufacturers. Participating factories include: Hockley Mint, River Mounts and Chalfen of London.

Looking to the Future

DIAMNET has an innovative array of tools in the pipeline including help with Omni-Channel Selling and a comprehensive In-Store Experience. This will level the playing field against internet only sellers and provide the best possible shopping experience for the end consumer.

Who we are?

In 2006, Howard Levine was the first to launch an online, manufacturer led, diamond ring creation tool to the UK for H. Chalfen Ltd. Branded a massive success at the time, Diamnet is the spiritual successor to that first tool with the benefit of years of evolution.

Howard Levine has been the Sales Manager for the UK’s largest pearl supplier, a Director for one of the world’s most innovative diamond ring manufacturers and Managing Director of one of the UK’s most respected diamond ring manufactures. He is also an Alumni member of the GIA after passing their diamond grading course top of his class in 2005.